• CERTIFIABLE and SIMPLEQuickly get caregivers compliant in a way that is CERTIFIABLE and SIMPLE
  • FUN and ENGAGINGTraining that is more effective and long-term since it's FUN and ENGAGING
  • EasyTurn-key integrationEasyTurn-key integration for your agency

An LMS that works for you

Trainings that your homecare providers will love.

The Blah stops here! At CareCurve we're on a mission to provide fun & engaging trainings on a world class platform. Fact is, learning is more effective and long-term when it's also fun.

Key Features

Key Features

E-training & mobile trainingE-training & mobile training

The CareCurve LMS makes learning accessible on nearly any browsing device, whether it sits on your desk or in your pocket.

E-training & mobile trainingGreat user experience

01.For agency owners & manager

Get caregivers compliant and easily verify performance & degree of mastery. Incentivize and motivate employees with points, badges, and provide opportunities for social or informal learning experiences.

02.For learners

Experience great content that embraces current trends in video & design - all on a next generation platform that makes learning fun and meaningful.

E-training & mobile training


Brand the CareCurve LMS with your colors, logo and culture to maintain community and continuity among employees and caregivers.

E-training & mobile trainingPricing flexibility

CareCurve LMS is priced flexibly. Every Home Care provider is different. More than anything, we're determined that you see a return on your investment.

In the end, your success is our success!

E-training & mobile training

BrandingSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS)

CareCurve LMS is a single, super-stable codebase that's highly customizable, with features turned on or off as needed. You don't need to worry about IT infrastructure, server configuration, bandwidth requirements, backups, viruses or ANYTHING else!.

You can be up and running with a live portal in as little as six weeks.

A next generation platformA next generation platform

CareCurve truly delivers content on a next generation platform, and designed with future trends in mind.

Capture data generated by learner activities and behaviors & generate mind-blowing reports and visualizations.

Measure and give credit for informal learning experiences.

rack learning and doing in real time.

Better understand organizational needs.

Try the LMS designed for Caregivers & Home Care Companies.
You'll be glad you did!